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At Skills South East we are passionate about helping ambitious managers and leaders grow, not only their businesses but themselves.


"As a direct result of the support I received, I am able to impart knowledge more effectively to my team. They have more pride in their work and the organisation – we’ve all seen the results.”


Why invest in your leadership and management teams?

Higher performing organisations have more effective managers.

This was demonstrated by a 2012 survey commissioned by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in partnership with the Henley Business School. Their findings showed that 80% of respondents in high performing organisations said their line manager was effective, against only 39% in low performing organisations. The same survey showed that high performing organisations invested 36% more in their managers.

In our own research, carried out amongst our clients in 2011, over 80% of respondents said their leadership and management development had improved management effectiveness, improved quality of service and customer satisfaction and helped them win new business.

But the business benefits don't end there. Developing the leadership team is widely reported as improving profits - some sources citing improvements averaging 24%; boosting staff morale, satisfaction and retention; improving an organisation's reputation; making recruitment easier; giving strategic advantage; improving change management and creating more agile organisations able to react more rapidly to their environment.

With so many advantages, the development of an effective leadership and management team has to be at the core of any ambitious business' strategy.

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